When we’re constantly under pressure it can often feel like our brains go into overdrive. We have a never-ending to-do list comprising everything from emptying the cat litter to checking the agenda for this week’s board meeting. We’ve not had a holiday for far too long, and all we really want to do is lay on the beach and let someone else worry about what’s for dinner tonight. 

When we’re so frazzled we can’t bring ourselves to focus on the task in hand, things get forgotten or overlooked, and before we know it we’re in trouble for deleting an email we should have answered, or worse missing a school play that we were sure was next week. Our brains are busy going at a hundred miles an hour, but actually seem to be missing all the important things as we scramble around trying to reach that fabled inbox zero or bake the perfect cake for the school fete. 

Stop. Take a deep breath. Inhale and ground yourself in your surroundings. Everything is doable, but one step at a time.