Let's celebrate Stress Awareness Day by taking a moment to just breathe

Camilla Sacre Dallerup | Wellbeing Tips
I know it sounds simple to say "just breathe", but that's because it is. Please allow me to explain. As a meditation teacher I am daily reminding my clients and myself of how important the breath is,. Coming from a background in sports, I used to think about the breath in a different more stamina kind of way, but over the years of pushing my body through extreme stress I learnt that one of the most powerful tools we have, is in fact our breath. 

Often when we feel stressed our breath is short and only reaches the chest, making the chest feel tight and leading to feelings of fatigue and lethargy, maybe even feeling tension through our necks and backs. When we start becoming aware of the effect the breath has on our health, we can choose to remember to take deeper breaths throughout the day and become more mindful of reminding ourselves of the importance of this. 

I'm mindful that you may well be feeling stressed and in need of a moment of 'me time' right now, so would like to get straight to the short exercise below, showing you how to de-stress in less than a minute. However, just before we get started, I'd like to remind you of something very exciting, and that we are all brilliant at when we are children but often forget as we grow up, ie: using our imagination. Just think for a moment how exciting it is that we can go anywhere we want in our minds! This means that no matter how much noise there is around you right now or how many people in the office, tube or street, you can sit down and close your eyes and imagine going somewhere peaceful and personal to you right now, leaving behind whatever it is that is causing you to feel stressed. (ps. if you need help, try the lovely Scentered Escape Balm, it works for me every time). 

How to destress in less than a minute 
  1. Sit down in a comfortable position on a chair, bench or on the floor, whichever suit you. 
  2. Close your eyes 
  3. Imagine sitting somewhere peaceful, for example the Beach, the Forrest or the Mountains. 
  4. Then take some long deep breaths right into your belly and exhale, notice the belly rising and falling with every breath and then just count your breath 1 in, 2 out, 3 in and so on until you reach 20. 
You will find that as you start to focus and observe your breath you will notice the sensation of relaxation throughout your body which will start happening as your nervous system and your mind starts to calm. If you have a couple of minutes just repeat above until you feel completely de stressed. 

It is amazing to think that simple exercises like this can make such huge difference in our lives. Breathing correctly can help lessen stress, aches and even help prevent getting high blood pressure. 

Give yourself the gift of stepping off the treadmill of life and stress for just one minute today and feel the goodness that brings for your body and mind for the rest of your day. This exercise only comes with one warning. You may enjoy it so much you will want to make it a daily habit. As Scentered describes it on their wonderful products, which I carry with me in my handbag, Stop, Inhale and Reset! 

Have a wonderful and calm day! 

Lots of love,