Founded in 1993, Women for Women International have supported over 420,000 socially excluded women survivors of war in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. 

Today their work has never been so important with the rise of extremist groups like ISIS and Boko Haram who make life perilously dangerous for women in some countries. 

In regions blighted by war and extremism, the freedom and security of the population suffer, and no-one more so than women and children. We seek to provide women with the resources, tools and knowledge to rebuild their livelihoods, protect their human rights. With this empowerment, women can rebuild their families, livelihoods and communities – and ultimately transform their nations. 

Through their 12-month programme, Women for Women International teach these women about their rights, educate them in key life skills (for example about their health and wellbeing, managing finances and starting a business). The vocational and business skills the women learn help them to break free from the cycle of poverty. The knock on effect of empowering women has a positive effect on the whole community, benefitting everyone, and it is part of Women for Women International’s work to engage men in the work too. When engaged and educated men can be powerful advocates and supporters of female empowerment, especially when they see with their own eyes how it can help women, communities and nations reach their potential. 

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