Transforming lives, one woman at a time

From the beginning of our journey with Scentered, we were very clear about wanting to create a business that not only empowered women through the use of our products, but also through the sharing of our profits. When we were introduced to the work of Women for Women International, we knew very quickly that we had found the right organisation through which to channel these funds to maximum benefit, reaching marginalised women, and providing them with the tools, support and skills training with which to improve their lives and rebuild communities. 

Women for Women International supports some of the most socially-excluded women survivors of war in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Kosovo. Through a 12-month programme, women learn about their rights, as well as key life skills (such as health, managing their finances, how to build social networks for business and emotional support). They also learn vocational and business skills to access livelihoods and break free from poverty. One of the key ways in which to support this organisation is through their sponsorship program, connecting supporters with ‘sponsor sisters’. £22 / month pays for one woman to complete a year-long program. 

We were delighted to be introduced to our new sponsor sister this week, Christine Mukamugema, from Rwanda. Christine is married, with 7 children, and through Women for Women’s supporter portal, which enables supporters to connect with their sisters through letters and the sharing of photos, we look forward to learning more about Christine, her family, community, work, and following her on her journey through the next year’s program, highlights of which we’ll be sharing here on the blog. 

We are proud to donate 10% net profits to Women for Women International, and take inspiration from the women who have undertaken the training program, transforming their own lives and the lives of others. Be inspired by their stories, and find out more about the ways in which you can support these women, at: Women for Women International.