Let's celebrate Stress Awareness Day by taking a moment to just breathe

Camilla Sacre Dallerup | Wellbeing Tips
I know it sounds simple to say "just breathe", but that's because it is. Please allow me to explain. As a meditation teacher I am daily reminding my clients and myself of how important the breath is. Coming from a background in sports, I used to think about the breath in a different more stamina kind of way, but over the years of pushing my body through extreme stress I learnt that one of the most powerful tools we have, is in fact our breath.

Scentered makes its first TV appearance!

We were thrilled to be asked to be included in a feature on beauty for busy mums today on ITV This Morning, presented by the lovely Bryony Blake. We're yet to meet a busy mum who doesn't want to stress less, focus more, sleep better and occasionally escape from it all!